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Stall your engines

For this first time since, well, probably Adelaide was born, I am giving myself permission to stall out and just live in the moment on this vacation. Like a shark I’ve needed to keep moving to survive our new normal, even if it was just an inchstone at a time, I was always moving forward. But now for the sake of my sanity, it is time to try a new tactic.

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Family planning

We only ever wanted to have two children. That was always the plan. A) I had no interest in being outnumbered by my kids and B) while growing a child in your body is an unreal experience, the gas, aches, nausea, swelling and all the rest of it is no joke. When Adelaide was born seemingly healthy, I thanked my uterus for its service and mentally closed up shop. Then life got complicated and we were faced with a whole new set of family planning questions.

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It's in the bag

Anymore, Adelaide does not leave home for much more than doctors appointments and maybe the occasional lunch date with mom and dad. One of the big reasons is due to the amount of STUFF that has to accompany us. As her condition has worsened the list of supplies and equipment that must always be with her has grown. This past Christmas Miss A received a duffle bag to replace the backpack we had been using. But what in the world does a little girl need that requires a duffle bag to contain it all? Who is ready to play the Adelaide Cervantes version of “what’s in her bag?”. Hint: no fancy eye creams here but I do have some lube if you need it!

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