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Dependence day

Yesterday, Miguel and I celebrated 10 years of marriage - which sort of blows my mind. The irony of getting married on Independence Day was not lost on us but Miguel found out he would be performing in the Broadway bound American Idiot in San Francisco on our original wedding date soooo we got our first taste of the many curve balls life would eventually hurl at us. While reminiscing on the last decade a few valuable lessons rose to the top. So, I decided to share them in a blog, and not just for my reader’s benefit but also as a reminder to myself for when things aren’t going quite as well… which is inevitable.

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Family planning

We only ever wanted to have two children. That was always the plan. A) I had no interest in being outnumbered by my kids and B) while growing a child in your body is an unreal experience, the gas, aches, nausea, swelling and all the rest of it is no joke. When Adelaide was born seemingly healthy, I thanked my uterus for its service and mentally closed up shop. Then life got complicated and we were faced with a whole new set of family planning questions.

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More than anything in this world, I am grateful for an incredible partner with whom I can share this life journey. For if we are placed on this Earth with a purpose, there is no doubt in my mind that Miguel’s purpose is to be a father and he exceeds at fulfilling it everyday. So, in celebration of Father’s Day, this seems like the perfect opportunity to dish on Miguel and why he really is as amazing as you think he is.

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