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Code brown

Are you eating? Thinking of eating? Just eaten? Maybe wait to read this post till later. I’m typically motivated to write about whatever is dominating our life at the time and honestly, right now, its poop. This is the life folks, just soak in that glamor! Up until last week, Adelaide was frequently constipated. This was likely due to a combination of having low tone, her mast cell activation syndrome and, certainly not helped by the fact that nearly every drug she is on lists constipation as a side effect. I’m going to pause here and remind everyone to be careful what they wish for…

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Mast cell 101

It should come as no shock that Adelaide's body likes to keep us on our toes. Just over a year ago we added a new rare disease to Adelaide's growing list of diagnosis: Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. With Rare Disease Day shining a light on so many conditions yesterday, today seemed like the perfect opportunity to share a little bit about Adelaide's other not so fun disease. Who's ready for mast cell 101?! Don't worry I explain it all in typical Kelly fashion: a little bit of science with a lot bit of sass. 

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