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All my children

This was a challenging post write and may be a tough one to read. I ask that you please read in full and that you keep an open mind. With Mothers Day around the corner we celebrate those that gave us life and enjoy being celebrated by our own children. But we are also reminded of those who have lost their mothers, or who have lost children, or pregnancies, or who wanted to be mothers but it wasn’t meant to be. I am the mother of three children, although, I only ever met two of them. Miguel and I made an impossible decision nearly five yers ago and while I’ve never kept baby Elvis a secret, I realize that now more than I ever, my experience - especially with the perspective of a special needs mother - needs to be shared.

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Happy birthday, Adelaide!

Next Wednesday, October 17th, Miss Adelaide Grace will turn 3. Her birthdays have always been bittersweet: While we are thrilled that she has spent another year with us, (and goodness knows I LOVE planning a party), we are reminded that another year has gone by and she is still struggling and seizing. I mean, I’m pretty aware of this on a day to day basis, but birthdays are a forced reckoning.

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