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'Til the Calm Comes

These photos were taken one month apart, before and after Adelaide's infantile spasms diagnosis. I’ll never forget sitting on the bed in my Air BnB, hearing the doctor utter the words “infantile spasms” for the first time through the phone. I was in Chicago, 800 miles away from my family in New Jersey, tasked with finding our families new home as we prepped to move halfway across the country for Hamilton. I’ll never forget walking into Adelaide’s hospital room having arrived straight from Newark airport and seeing a shadow of the daughter I had left behind. I’ll never forget the month we spent in the hospital trying to gain control of her chaotic brain waves. Today is the last day of Epilepsy Awareness Month and tomorrow kicks off Infantile Spasms Awareness Week. I don't discuss IS often, as we prefer to focus on epilepsy as a whole, but today I dive deep. 

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Cone of Possibility

This week marks our two year anniversary in Chicago. I wrote a whole post about the three months leading up to that move and couldn’t come up with a point, other than I believe it would make an excellent Oscar-nominated vehicle for the likes of the next Julia Roberts/Sandra Bullock. Screenwriters, feel free to hit me up once I’ve written the book.

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