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Love from Tio

For this month’s guest blog post I was compelled to ask my brother-in-law, Marcos, after he and his family spent a week with us on vacation in Michigan. As Miguel’s big brother and a father himself, what was his experience with our family that week? Please enjoy Marcos’ vulnerable and loving ode to Adelaide.

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Miguel and I do not live near our immediate families which has made this trip to Michigan that much more special. The first week Miguel’s family traveled to join us and the second week mine did. They are deeply engaged in our lives but unless you spend regular time with Adelaide I just don’t think her reality hits home. So it did not come as a shock when a few tears were shed when getting everyone up to speed. I used to feel guilty, or at the very least uncomfortable, when I would share news about Adelaide and the other person would begin to well up. It was not my intent to make them sad, this is just our reality. Was I cold hearted because I wasn’t crying too? Or maybe I’m just overexposed…

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Summertime stressin

These last couple weeks have been emotionally challenging and not for any one specific reason that I can determine. Don’t get me wrong I have laid in bed, stood in the shower and gotten lost in thought at a red traffic light coming up with all sorts of reasons as to why my heart is now paying rent to my throat. The winter holiday season is a well-known anxiety fueled host serving up a feast of emotional booby traps. But, maybe not so well-known, is that the summer season offers its own debilitating fare.

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