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That hospital life

While chilling at the hospital with Adelaide for three days last week, I was struck by how comfortable we have become during these stays. Now, to be clear, being home is always better. Adelaide is more alert at home, I despise our family being separated and there is a special place in hell for hospital showers. But like anything you just get used to it all. Dare I say it, but there are even some aspects that I, <gasp>, enjoy.

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Permission to be happy

Last Friday, I was driving around by myself, attending meetings for CURE, running errands, enjoying seeing the messages of encouragement come through from the latest blog post, and I felt content. No, more than content, I was happy, genuinely happy. My children were stable and I felt productive and fulfilled. Three things I have not experienced at the same time in, well, years. However, almost as soon as I acknowledged my happiness I was racked with guilt and anxiety.

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