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My lighthouse

Time has had a jarring presence in our house lately: speeding up then slowing down, each day blending into the next, not adhering to the laws of physics. I feel like I’m adrift with no land in sight. But there is one thing helping me keep my bearings amidst these rough waters: Jackson. I know everyone thinks their kid is incredible but this kid, Adelaide’s big brother, is really something else. He is my lighthouse in the storm. 

Photo credit: Jennifer Loomis 

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Family planning

We only ever wanted to have two children. That was always the plan. A) I had no interest in being outnumbered by my kids and B) while growing a child in your body is an unreal experience, the gas, aches, nausea, swelling and all the rest of it is no joke. When Adelaide was born seemingly healthy, I thanked my uterus for its service and mentally closed up shop. Then life got complicated and we were faced with a whole new set of family planning questions.

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Big brother

I used to envy the way Jackson could see Adelaide without the sadness that tinged my view. However, as Jackson is getting older he is gradually beginning to understand how Adelaide is different from a neuro-typical sister and it pains me to watch the sadness and worry creep into his life. There is no question that their special-needs sibling bond adds so much to both of their lives but like everything else in this parenting circus it is a balancing act. A really stinking cute balancing act, but one all the same.

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Wonder Woman

Over the course of this blog I have spent significant time noting how Adelaide is different, commenting on what she is not able to do and the dreams I mourn that I once had for her. I could easily write a post about our last year in review, which would inevitably make me acknowledge all of the skills she’s lost and trials she’s faced. Honestly, that sounds fairly miserable. So, instead, I would like to take a moment to focus on all the amazing things that Adelaide is still able to do. The secret ways she communicates with us and all of the wonderful qualities that make Miss A the strongest person I know because she truly is a Wonder Woman.

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Jackson's song

Miguel is driving our family down the interstate as we return home from visiting with friends. Adelaide’s pulse oximeter starts alarming behind us. A quick glance at the machine’s display tells me that Adelaide’s oxygen rate has dipped below the healthy 90% mark and is not coming back up.

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